Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Divens Family in Florida

Here are a couple of pics and a video we thought you might enjoy.

Jarrod enjoyed the rock climbing wall. He did very well!

It has warmed up enough for the kids to play outside.

Jarrod had an awesome catch in his last t-ball game.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Well, I'm back. Hope you enjoy catching up on the last weeks of the Divens' family. We've had a blast making the memories to share!

About a month ago Jase and I decided to plan an anniversary trip, and then three weeks later I found myself on board a Huge cruise ship. Check out some pictures on our facebook page if you can www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2011541&l=48e57&id=1239609723

For those it doesn't work out for, here are a few pictures from mine and Jase's Southern Caribbean Cruise. . .

Our ship, Adventure of the Seas, docked in Aruba
Sunset in Aruba

Scuba Diving

Exploring a Shipwreck

Returning to the ship after a wonderful day!
I don't shop much, but the mall inside the ship was still impressive to me.
Dressing up for Dinner
Swimming in St. Thomas

We really enjoyed all of the live music on board
Riding the boat before Parasailing

Incredible View of the Ship

Heading home after a week in Paradise(See Jase's great tan!)

LAST, but definitely not least . . .thank you to my parents for keeping the kiddos while we were away(this was not easy for especially me to be away from them for so long). Jarrod did a great job being BIG BROTHER to Jordan and helping Grammy. I know he had a good time playing trains with Uncle Bill, Beating Kevin at UNO, Playing cars with Grammy,Going to the Police Department with Anthony, Getting in wood & going to work with Pawpaw & Uncle Sam, Playing with Aunt Kit, Chandra and Aunt Di, Visiting Granny's and Grandpa's, and if I left something out, I'm sorry. You all kept them busy or maybe I should say, They kept y'all busy!:) Jordan is crawling very well now thanks to Jada and Chandra. . . Her personal coaches! She perfected that at Grammy's house. I'm planning on another trip to Good 'Ol Virginia between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanks everybody!! Love you all!!
As far as the Cruise, it was a wonderful trip full of great memories and we are so thankful that it worked out for us to go. I'm ready to go next week . . .if I can take my kids this time!:)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

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What a wonderful time we have with our precious children!

I wanted to share a couple of new pictures from yesterday at the park.
If you know Jordan, you know she holds her tongue like this a lot. Thought this was pretty cute!
Almost 6 months old
Jarrod was making a castle in the gravel equip with all the necessities: a mote, alligators, soldiers, and cannons. He says to me sometimes," Momma, don't you just like it when I use my 'magination?"
And I can't forget to mention that He rode his bike for the first time on Monday WITHOUT training wheels!! A VERY BIG DEAL!!:)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Several milestones have been met in the past two weeks. Jarrod started Kindergarten September 2nd and Jordan is now 5 months old. Can you believe it!

Jarrod is doing great. We are homeschooling at the present. Right now, he knows just about everything we are studying. I'm still following the Lesson Plans though until he gets in the swing of things, then I'm sure we will pick up the pace. Both he and Jordan had checkups this week at the doctors office. It's so hard to believe how quickly they grow. Jarrod is a solid 50 pounds and

Jordan is now 16 pounds!

Speaking of Jordan, she is rolling over, back to front, and sitting up like a pro(has been for about 3 weeks now). She likes bananas, but that is as far as I've tested. She still does NOT like cereal(I really don't blame her. Have you ever tasted the stuff?). Still no teeth, but she is chewing on ANYTHING she can get her hands on. Talking about hands, that reminded me, she has discovered hers and it is so funny to watch her look and play with them.

One of our teens from Michigan got to stay for several days with us on the way back to college in Pensacola, FL two weeks ago. Thanks Dana! We had a really good time. Jarrod says he misses you and hopes you will come again to play policeman and cowboys. We are so proud of you!